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Dark circle treatment

Dark circle treatment -Using gentle tapping motions together with your index and middle fingers (no tugging or dragging), beat out a revolve around your eyes. Tapping brings blood flow to the world .

Go outward along your eyebrows, then inward along the highest of your cheekbones toward the bridge of your nose. Circle your eyes 3 times .

Then together with your middle fingers, press firmly upward at the pressure points slightly below the brow bone on either side of your nose where your brows should start.

Then press firmly concealed  toward your nose, above the bridge, next to your tear ducts.

Massage your temples together with your index and middle fingers to end .

The great thing about this tapping massage is that you simply can roll in the hay at any time of the day without messing up your makeup an excessive amount of . confirm you don’t drag your fingers along the fragile skin near your eyes to avoid damaging it. To make it easier our company delivers COLLAGENSTIMULATION STICK  for purchase link given below-

Website: https://puffy-eyes.com/

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